Victorious Shine

Written by: AUDREY CAREY

I too get lost sometimes
I too often struggle to find my way back home
I too get depressed and at times consumed with the blues
The mind is such an awful trap and that truly a fact

You tapped me on the shoulder and brought me back to joy
You said snap out of it and shake off that worthless pain"
I am so thankful that you pulled me from the back
You snatched me from the precipice and avoided a panic attack

We must find our soft landing when walking in and out of time
Had you withheld your courage from me I would be infested with worry
But you injected your ray of hope and heel me with your rope
It is indeed a horrible situation when trusted hearts are broken

What an honorable feeling it is when the wondering lost are found
Yes life throws a lot of pit-bulls and curve balls at our wall
But with proficiency and guidance we grow like skilful catchers
Restitution of happiness is built even when our ships are caving in

I can't tell you how to carry on for weariness makes you disabled and skeletally frailly
Just reach for that switch and turn your oil lamp on
The light you see has a victorious shine and beauty sends its pride
Trade your gloom with bloom and see your way out soon.