The Collision

Written by: heidi dillon

Sun dawns on the blood soaked highland plain,
thousands of men lie slain,
the result of wrongly planned campaigns,
crows peck greedily at their remains.
Sitting above surveying this desolation,
a solitary man ponders on mans situation,
their total and ultimate annihilation,
yet he himself is life's abomination.
Swiftly rising to continue his quest,
the ultimate onslaught of the last test,
onward toward the northwest,
he strides with great zest.
In the distance shimmers a shadow cloaked,
advancing deftly seemingly unprovoked,
hatred embraces it darkness soaked,
sword drawn he is ready to invoke.
Silver flash of steel in light,
collides smashing in sparks of bright,
strength against speed and might,
a battle of immortals an unholy sight.
Precise moment split second decision ,
blade meets its neck in a glorious collision,
slicing through with a neat incision,
he gets with all of its memories and vision.
Sinking to the dust covered ground,
the screams of its victims all around,
suddenly there is nothing not a sound,
now we are one forever bound.