It's not just you, It's me too

Written by: Catelyn Huffman

Okay, Get mad for me speaking my mind,
 for being open honest and kind.
 you wanna play those games,?
 let me join in to.
 with you its always the same.
 with you its always me to blame.
 I wonder what you do for me
 there's not much here that I see?
 I wonder what got in my head
 a fairy-tale story that i just read ?
 what happened to the happy ending?
 fight and arguments from stupid messages we're sending
 where'd the butterflies in my stomach fly to?
 i wish there was something i could do
 you act like your the only one who may seem interested in me.
 i wish you could see how stupid that it seems.
 men willing to do more than you, 
but put them to the side bc i thought the love we had was true.
 evn through the hurt and pain you cause
 you had me fooled so ill give you an applause. 
got me wanting to spend my forever with you,
 Do you still want to spend yours with me too?
 Saying you hurt,
 Your heart is broken and burnt
 the funny part is
 you think its just you
 but baby its me too.
 Marks, scars, fractures.
 the beating on my heart you captured
 prisoner , not at war, at love.
 taken hostage from my 'angel up above'
 you think that pain can ever happen to me.
 because your the one with the key.
 the key to open my heart
 the key you stole from the start
 you think i treat you like crap?
 thats not me, thats you not filling the gap.
 you think im out to cause you sorrow. 
but its my heart i let you borrow
 yeah be 
dont you see?
 its not just you
 its me too. 
you can be so mean rude and hateful
 telling me, Im ungrateful?
 calling me names
 playing your childish games
 trying to control me
 but im not a little toy in your G.I. Joe army
 tell when have i done this to you.
 .. after all we've been though
 boo bear its not just you.
 I hurt too.