Still take a bullet

Written by: Catelyn Huffman

My Valentine
 My sunshine
 Thought you'd always be mine
 Today is two years…
 Full of tears.
 Still want the dream we've had
 Although the hurts too much , just a tad.
 VIP you know what this stands for
 MVP you know there's more.
 Crushed . hurt . lies.
 Always more hi's… than goodbye's
 Thought today i'd be in your arms
 This is a wake up call, real alarm
 Never would of thought it
 The price it cost I bought it
 Guess you didn't take my currency
 Didn't wanna think of me.
 Now it's time to think of you.
 Although my love will always be true.
 I gotta think of you...
 Loving you will never stop
 Not when I'm on the bottom your on the top. 
I'll love you more than you'll ever know.
 I'll love you more than I'll ever be able to show. 
Brings tears to my eyes
 To remember those butterflies
 Gotta make you happy.
 I'll be behind the scenes faking sappy.
 No, i won't be okay
 But I'll make it through today 
Speechless, Don't know what to say
 But for you I'll always be there MJ
 Chris Brown, No there's not a right time to say goodbye.
 So I hope you live life to the fullest.
 For you any day any time. I'll still take a bullet.