Figuring It Out

Written by: Brittney Leonard

Is'nt life strange
 like it or not, everything must change.
I used to try to figure things out, but I always had so much doubt.
It's best to just go along with the ride
learn to take it all in stride.

Many days that I think i'm going crazy and I can't take anymore.
 But i'm determined to find what i'm looking for
We all have a purpose and what's meant to be will be
 Once you understand that, you are free.
There will always be lots of laughs, lots of cries, and unfortunately, many
 unwanted good byes.
It's best to try and keep a smile
 and know that it can only hurt for a little while.
Nothing last forever, and with each lesson we become
 a little more clever.
Do everything with all of your heart and soul
 In time, you will see everyone has a role.
Without a doubt, there is one thing I have figured out,
 the world is a stage and life is a play
 come what may