Inside my little tin

Written by: Catelyn Huffman

All of these feelings bottled in.
All of my secrets I keep in a tin
All of this pressure
More than can possibly measured
Fighting for away to escape.
After I keep them here sealed in tape.
Fearful, I took a chance.
Fearful, I was right and they pranced.
Pranced to my memory.
And memory took a stab at me
A stab in my heart which was rapidly racing
Stood up and started pacing.
This is more than I can bare.
Does anyone care.
Suddenly I fall to my knees.
With a knife as my tease.
I cannot breathe.
It’s hard to see.
As I’m begging God please.
Take this pain away from me.
To me life hasn’t been fair.
I tell God this in prayer.
Hoping he’ll bring me home.
Because right now I just feel so alone.
Because no one’s picking up the phone.
Nobody’s here to hear me cry.
Nobody’s here to tell me it’ll be alright.
I’m such a disgrace.
So I walk around and hide my face
Hide my eyes.
I don’t deserve to see the beauty of the sun rise.
There’s not much I deserve.
Can’t even throw a ball without a curve.
No. Nothing. Never good enough.
Everyone thinks I’m so tough.
But that’s because you have clue,
Everything inside my tin.
You have no idea, 
All what I hold in.
You have no thought,
That those mean words you jokingly said
And the same words I fought.
Because you don’t see past the exterior.
You don’t see that I’m inferior.
You might look into the windows to the soul.
You may see the pretty blue skies.
But you don’t see the black darkness that lies behind.
The storms like on Jupiter.
Using it’s mean wrath
To destroy everything in it’s path.
Including me…
All of this happening
Inside my little tin…