Heaven can wait

Written by: Mark Russell

I dream of eternity and nothing will equate,
Destiny falls as it collided with fate.
I can’t help but think it’s too late,
I just know somehow heaven can wait.

Life presents obstacles some of them bad,
I slip back to memories of good times had.
Sometimes overwhelming I start to feel sad,
I try to accept change and not get mad.

 Pieces of the puzzle remain scattered across the floor,
I look up to the sky to see what is in store.
I get what I need because I wanted it more,
As a window closes, it opens a door.

You can never know what you will get,
I only know I haven’t gotten there yet.
The sun kisses the horizon as it sets.
Many things in life seem to ride on a bet.

I’ll just live my life heaven can wait,
I wake up and wipe clean the slate.
I look to tomorrow will it be too late.
I feel like a fish that has taken the bait.