Catch a Rainbow

Written by: Mark Russell

I spot a rainbow and catch a view,
A spectrum of colors with every hue.
They seem to melt into each other,
Imaging what I might discover.

At the end lies a pot of gold,
At least this is the story told.
Make a wish of a special place,
Over the rainbow in outer space.

I remember back when I was young,
When I’d catch raindrops with my tongue.
Everything then seemed so grand,
I dreamt about of some far off land.

As I grew older and out of touch,
All of these things didn’t matter as much.
Things I had seen many times before,
They pale in contrast as I see them more.

The simplest things have beauty to behold,
Like in the morning as flowers unfold.
Birds wake up and sing their song,
I wonder where it all went wrong.

I used to climb the highest tree,
At the top for miles I would see.
It felt as if I could touch the sky,
Or spread my wings and start to fly.

As I grew older the newness is gone,
The days of innocence for which I long.
The rainbow reminds me of what’s beyond.
But the ripples are confined to the pond.

Suddenly I begin to break free,
Beauty surrounds in all that I see.
At the end lies that pot of gold,
A place where dreams never grow old.