Love Arranged

Written by: jeff eklund

Love arranged 
Choices made by others/for love of others
Wind in trees/Angelic tones tell 
truths of offspring/Great …
Confused, depressed/worthy of stoning …
From Jacob star/to son it will 
Come to pass … 
In rags the peasant matron
Not in regal blue/pain, labor. Finally birth
In a cave, a trough/not for rich but poor
Can it be? 
No room, no quarter, no roof or bed
Filth, smell, all around …
Straw, bovine sheep,  dung, camels
How can this be?
How can this be right? 
Who are they? 
Uncomely, vagabonds in rags
The promise, the oath/we are cursed, we are scorned
First pregnant but how? 
… and dream, strange dream
By why, surreal scene
This is wrong/the sounds unbearable
Cold, dark, damp. And 
Oh, the stench
But the light/The blinding Light
From a small newborn 
This is no warrior/line of David, no conqueror
How could he be He …
But the brilliance 
of the light
illumines this ghetto
this child among the misfits shines, gives
radiance from the 
faith be borne
hope is born
but blood is shed near this shed
hatred abounds /struck silent for
disbelief than restored faith
 and voice once dumb 
shalom, no shalom 
sorrow, death
reflected light/but not the Light.