A soul to die for

Written by: heidi dillon

Darkness crushes last remains of light,
oozing hatred leaks from every pore,
as I stand before my final task.
Sinking deeper within my rotting mind,
cascading horror corrupts ,
laying bloody tale to what awaits.
Stepping forward fear reeks,
delicious decadent it engages my interest,
Watching amusement as all others fail,
each demon before me,
ripped shredded torn apart,
puddles of flesh sauteing in blood.
Pulsating walls beat with lust,
drinking greedily all the splatters,
that perhaps would go to waste.
Treading stealthy over messes of skin,
faces still etched in surprise,
as I had peeled off their smirks.
Facing the ultimate duel,
my dance with the devil,
as the screams of the damned,
play a lilting melody.
Eyes of fire sear  through my soul,
to die not now not here,
defiant gaze meets his anger,
deftly seizing this moment of pure rage,
raises his head and lets out a mighty roar,
he charges with all his might and gore.
Slicing precise with the needles embedded under my nails,
those he had put their,
many eons ago,
flaying his flesh into ribbons so pretty,
spraying blood so black ,
night cowered in fear.
Whimpering now this most feared god,
crawling away to escape, I think not!
Straddling now his beaten bloody chest,
slowly painstakingly insert needles into each eye,
licking and sucking my fingers clean,
little gurgles of sound emitted from this once proud king,
leaning down to kiss his sacred lips,
biting out his forked tongue,
enjoying each moment as it slithers down my throat.
Finally slicing his head from his body,
raising it high so all may see,
I am the queen of the dead,
the Soul to die for,
bow before me,
or a similar fate shall be yours.