God Fearing Love

Written by: Patricia Lewis

For I prayed to God to have a 
man such as yourself to come 
into my life
God Fearing 
For the qualities that you have 
I know these are the 
characteristics that Jesus 
displayed for I asked for God to 
send me some one like you this 
way I would know your truly a 
gift from Him and not just Flesh 
I desired once upon a time.
You love God  the way I do
We can talk for hours about 
You are a giver 
You Respect your mother and 
whomever is around you, you 
expect them to treat their 
parents with the up most 
respect the same.
You are willing to depart the 
Wisdom that God has departed 
into the spirit that resides 
within you with anyone. You 
don't judge.
But most importantly is we 
have decided to become 
covenant partners for life and 
standing on our word that we 
will not consummate until we 
take our vows.
You promise not to rush me to 
get married just so we can 
copulate so we can be true 
friends and 
This to me is priceless.
For I prayed for years for 
someone like you and I even 
started to give up thinking that 
such a person like you even 
existed but I am happy to say I 
know and understand that God 
doesn't work by mans time but 
HIS time! Therefore I know the 
best is yet to come.