Parking Lot

Written by: jeff eklund

Has it ever occurred to you 
as often occurs to me 
That person in the parking lot 
was simply meant to be?

Think about this logically, ponder very hard; 
that person parked next to you 
could be lonely, sad, even scarred
long for company too

she may be pondering suicide 
or even a little romance
the point for one to realize
it may not be by chance

it could be Divine providence 
it could be fate askew
but if one walks away alone 
one may never chance renew

a simple greeting thrown their way
a look, a smile, a wink
could change their whole perspective 
could really make them think

that  life’s not meant to be this lonely
nor to be spent alone
they could be looking for a sign
just longing to be shown

so next time when you park your car
and notice next to you
a person coming or going
just ask them “how are you?”