When the newness ends

Written by: Catelyn Huffman

Sometimes I miss

 the way you used to ask for a kiss.

The way you'd gaze n my eyes.

And see past the lies.

The words you used to say,

Like tell me how pretty I am today.

How much do I mean to you?

Seems like anymore I don't have a clue.

The sweetness, no more.

Because now its just like what for?

After Two lovely years.

We've changed gears.

Newness has escaped.

over us love has been draped.

Keeping us together,

Always and forever.

We know all of each others secrets.

The ones down the deepest.

When we're together we get bored.

Staring at a blank door.

You play games while I sleep.

Silence without a peep.

Yeah sure nothing's new.

We've done this a time or two

... Or a few.

The point is now that i know the darkest the deepest...

Of all of your secrets.

I can truly appreciate who you are,

This is why I made you my morning star.

I don't care if we stare at a wall

I genuinely cherish the moments we do absolutely nothing at all.

Just fast away in my dreams, in your arms.

Away from all harm.

The sentimental type of feeling.

The one that got me to start believing, 

That love could be a happy ever after.

Maybe had some tears, but more laughter. 

That's why I don't mind.

Get comfortable relax and unwind.

Nothing more we have to find.

Because we have the worlds greatest treasure.

Something that can't be measured. 

You've got yours

And I've got mine. 

No more waitin in line.

Because from the start 

you stole my heart

And Now baby,

nothing will

Ever tear us apart. 

And all that flows,

Even through what should be fatal blows.

Is love on the end of cupid's little arrows. 

So even though I miss the newness.

And all the sweet things you used to do 

This love is rare.

This love is true

It belongs to me.

It belongs to you.