The Death of an Unknown

Written by: Tiffiny Hagan

There was a man who died today,
I do not know his name.
I know he was born,
He lived, he died,
And that he died today.
I probably never saw him,
On TV or in the news,
And he was probably not the most popular,
In high school or at work.
He was probably only well known,
By his children and his wife,
And might even have a friend or two,
Who will miss him because he's gone.
There was also a woman who died today,
Her story is much the same;
But possibly the only thing they share,
Is that they died,
The death of an unknown.
Yet being unknown is not so bad,
For it is a fate that most share.
So few are known,
Some by design,
But many just by chance.
The unknown are those
Who make the known,
Who pass along their name.
Just as a house is not a house,
Without its boards and nails,
Fame cannot be obtained,
Without those who have none.
So if fame is what you seek,
I wish you the best of luck;
But for those who at the end of the day
Are no more known than before,
Don't be depressed,
And don't be sad,
For you help the world to spin.
Someone succeeded,
Because someone failed.
There cannot  be the death of a known,
The death of an unknown.

Romans 14:7 "For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself."