Written by: JAMES B. MORRIS JR

Picking up from the dust and washing off from the past is taking me: days, weeks, months, and years. I hold myself from feelings of frustrations and rages. Because I must go on and not dwell in the dark places of my mind. Deception is the most hurtful feeling that can come across a man. Some of us will be forever young, while the others weary away. As I embark on a journey one way or the other, I will not envision the past and its pain. It’ll not get better until I shall have really struggle to let things go, looking ahead to a new day; a brighter day. Fame, money, and power are the fantasies of today. If you don’t believe it, maybe it will take another generation for the truth to be told. It’s a tragedy because many of us will go to our graves still feeling lonely, confused, misunderstood, and out of place.