Things not to forget

Written by: Franklin Goode


Sunrise and what happen before the Sunset.

Where I been every now and then.

Life is short, hold on to it with plenty of heart. 

Mom, Dad, and family are your best friends deep within.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Even if it brought pleasure and sorrow.

Forgive others and self, it’s a great medicine and requires no co-payment.

Long journeys require peace of mind, and peace of heart.

Love others and self, when it doesn’t appear they do. You know who?

Life is history and history is life. Live and do your best and get some rest.

Your first love, who was sweet as a dove. What a delight, brought lots of sweet life.

Look high when you are low someone will surely open another door.

Get up when you fall down, and stop acting like a clown.

Kiss and say goodbye, and cut back on the lie.

Be mindful and always kindful. Bring joy, it help to live long, when things go wrong.

To stop when you reach to top.  Relax and slowdown, it helps to grow old.

Don’t work so hard, the pay is not so great when you fall.

Speak from the heart; you fill better knowing it’s true

Be friendly to the friendly, and they will be friendly.

Say hi and bye, when coming and leaving, others start believing.

Reach for the sky; it’s only a few clouds away.

Inhale and exhale, it’s good for living

Never forget, you forgot. Or you will surely forget…

Dr. “G”