I divorce thee Egg

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

I was fourteen, energetic, idealistic, a closeted radical of sorts.  
Injustice grated into my senses; suffocated my realms.
But boy was I too shy to fight it overtly.
Then I saw him… smooth, dark brown and handsome.
I didn’t care if he was an egg, I knew he was my knight and I was a damsel.
He, it was, who would battle my wars, bandage my wounds and lift
my heart from its cringing sadness.
The object of my derision being as it were Carl, the school bully.
Egg and I hatched a plan; I aimed; he missed Carl, but got the principal face on.
My elusive fantasy of liberation dissolved into a sickening rotten stench.
And thus started my nightmare in a hell called boarding school.
… I never want to see you again Egg...