I Already Know

Written by: Cheryl Auber

I was walking along the water's edge;
the sky stardust.
Occasionally a shooting star falls into the depth of the night.
The moon casts a glow across the rough sea.
Here is where I search to find the answers to the questions inside my soul.
Looking deep into my heart, staring ahead until all is out of sight.
What I see now is only me.
The answers to the questions in my mind;
I have had withing me.
The beauty of the place I'm in surrounds me and gives me serenity.
My thoughts racing against my mind.
Just like the waves of the sea.
Almost in synchronized time.
The rumble of the water; the intensity of the waves crashing at my feet.
Here is where fantasy and reality meet.
Walking along the water's edge.
Here is where my answers find me.
Inside my soul.
This, I already know.