My Queen's Tarot

Written by: Amy Green

Archaic wisdom whispers truths intimate to me
My familiar, Bindie, mewls the Tarot's virtues and truth
In our hovel we sit, in deep contemplation hours upon hours 
Candles burn, warmth and light play shadows -as my Queen, afraid, sits in dank towers
Yet I see
Time emits 
Only for her does this deck work, My Queen's Tarot-
The Queen does know, as she calls incessantly, upon my powers
I tell her fortune favors the brave*
Dearest Queen “The Chariot” is a card to bring life and virtue to France
He hails from Bordeaux, begone all your woe, as says the Tarot, your face and breast shall glow and your people shall happily bestow their gift of harmony-
Next the deck hails “The Sun”
You two shall be like “A Boy in Velvet and a Girl in Lace”, young once again
They tell me you shall be happy and prosperous
Next card tells me you shall have passion, love, unity and marriage
He comes when the sun sets this eve
Card 4 shows “King of Wands”, and when meet your eyes do, happiness eternal ye shall have
His steed is running on empty as we speak- to be by your side.
Card drawn as five reads “Soon ye are one” 
And your Fluttering Souls- in the years to come- shall revel at your heir, a devoted son.

*Fortune favors the brave is a quote from Virgil