Today I had someone tell me

Written by: craig schaber

Today I had someone tell me that they know the kind of person I am because they went to school with me, I laughed and said I'm different not the same person I was in school, than got up and left.... I've grown to be me, to not care what people say anymore I've changed into a better person than I was. Sometimes it’s easier to act like you don't care than to let it show that it’s really killing you. Growing up we played games when we were bored so now some people think it’s ok to play games with people’s hearts when their bored, that *****just isn’t right. Everybody wants the kind of love our grandparents have the one where it was real! Truth is does that *****even exist anymore? All we have is hoes and players anymore, we will be lucky to find someone loyal. Real relationships have loyalty and trust, anything less than that is not considered a relationship.