Bwari Child

Written by: Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq

Through tick and thin tracks
Our journey joined
With that of these natives
They,  our objectives (Beware Child).

From lands far  Ã??  near
We are here to care
That they may not fear
What poverty does mare

l° thought l° was poor
My eyes have seen poverty
l° called myself ? needy
l° now know l° have more

They dream dreams of tomorrow
But reality ?°?¯§ hollow
For suffering does follow
Like †?? unrelenting shadow

They too are †?? future
Cause whether rich or poor
They shall appear in †?? picture
Let's then,  show them †?? door

†?? door of our heart's charity
That will remain open, even in scarcity

Or shall we live  Ã??  watch them die?
What then,  ?°?¯§ their crime
To warrant them go in their prime
Their state makes  ?e_???? sigh
As Beware labours us ?¨?°?L¯_??°L¯_??°
 Ã??  prays not for our fall
Let us also nurses become
Catering for her afflicted ones

†?? Beware child, ?°?¯§ no less a child
Born in thick bush
????°???e_????r? †?? sun ?°?¯§ harsh
 Ã??  cold ?°?¯§ no less mild

????°???e_????r? homes are places
????°???e_????r? animals summon communal gatherings
Food still garbage
Ã??  education a rare privilege

Be thankful for your own measures
D¯_??°? that through theirs
??? D¯_??°? not merit pleasure
Any more than these

Let us invest in their future
So that when †?? picture,
?°?¯§ taken, we shall ?¨?°?L¯_??°L¯_??° with strong figures
Support †?? fragile human structure