In The Midst of Shipwrecks

Written by: Michael Smith

Fading beacons, lights along the further distant shores
As the firebugs within nights, a burning nevermore
Left unpleasured in their yearning, Seamen laden take the test of storms

As the lunar lighthouse crossing clouds, swallowing up to blacken bay
And mariners are dreaming of hearth and home beneath Trident's splashing grayer haze
But, more of regret that they're met by wave after crashing wave

And the lightning unrelenting, lighting up hollow safeties
As sirens do, louder than the roars that nature orchestrates
Where silence booms just below, the ocean offers up her truce of deadly ways

A chance for eternal rest in seabeds of reef and precious sunken treasures 
Thus, once again joining their fallen, fellow shipmate anchors
In the mist of a shipwrecks, beguiled into ancient slumber
Waiting in unmarked graves to one day be discovered