Written by: odeline chigwedere

<     >I cry for you democracy dear
          will i ever see you, ever
          i mourn for freedom that will never be
          my people are all over the world
          with no place to call home
          i cry for you mother land,the land pf my fathers
          i long for the milk and honey we used to have
          degeneration of my land caused by greed and power
          the nation has more weapons than people
          that is the evil that tarnishes the image of my country
          i cry for you democracy dear
          teach me how to be free,how to chose what is best for me
          come, heal this cancer of corruption 
          come along democracy dear
          i fear more blood will be shed
          i fear my people may never be marry
          for how long will my people live like this?
          come democracy,help my people
           help us defuse this ticking time bomb
           i cry for you democracy dear