Love vs Hate

Written by: Richard Palmer

Through the lens of a scope,hate watches,
Bam,bam,on the butt,two more notches,
In front of their eyes,life flashes,
The weak at heart,it snatches,
A mustard seed to a melon it grows,
Slowly but surely,engulfing souls,
Cold as snow,consuming flesh like crows,
Demolishing friendship,constructing foes,
Bursting hells door,into our world hate pours,
In the heart of evil,hate soars,
Knocking the LORD,children doors,
TRYING to conquer GODS' Kingdom,from shore to shore,
GOD stretch out his hands,flowing galore,
Love is the challenger,Love is the cure,
Love is the victor,hate no more..... 

{Trying} is capitalised intentionally....