Resting In His Arms


Resting In His Arms Your mind may be clouded Because of physical or mental pain. Christ understands our weaknesses; Simply rest and in His arms remain. Cast your mind on your blessings Rather than your afflictions. Surrender your condition To your Father in heaven. Praise Him for His matchless love And the sacrifice He made, As you dwell upon your Lord, Your own suffering will fade. Song is a weapon You can use every day To combat discouragement— The evil one’s gangway. “Lord you are my light and my salvation— Nothing shall I fear. Lord you are my strength Please always stay near. I need Your comfort To get me through this trial. Soon it will be over— In just a little while. I lay my affliction At Your loving feet. I surrender it now— Resist the enemy’s defeat. You are my Comforter My Healer and Friend Thank you, dear Lord That on You, I can depend.” Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2007-2012