Ode to the TIME: Some lines written on mystery of TIME

Written by: salman iqbal

Hey TIME!! What art thou?
You insisible creature,
Are you transparent in nature?

Tick, tick, tick.........
This sound always I hear,
Is this you that is in my ear?

Every one say passenger
Me seem you still
But it is we that is in thrill

Are you friend or foe?
All my beauty and innocence you doth grab
It creates between both of a us a great gap

O Mystery!!
You are nothing but illusion of my mind
Or you are relative of those moving stars together bind

Have you got eternity???
No, never, think not, no prophet was given
It is a privilge that I'll get in heaven.

O spinning wheel!!
Why cunningly thou movest very fast?
Ever reverse thy motion and let me see my faded past.

An unfathomable sea!
Where all my peers and kins sink
What remains is love and memories I think

O poor snatcher!
Thou mayst snatch all my friends from me
But not their love, you are fibble before it, I remind thee

What makest thou unconquerable?
You keep the horses of your cart on spur
Is this thing that makest thou lead the other?

One of little gods!
You make of me a Hamlet, such a fate thou weavest
Sometimes I cry, sometimes with sighs of relief I heavest

O minister of metamorphosis,
As you walked past the green turned yellow
I wish a realm where you would not be my fellow

O phantom of enigma,
Fie oN thee..... away, away - when ideas pelteth
Thou art the riddle that maketh my mind start melteth