In the moment of passion

Written by: Delilah Ventura

I release my passion in the air, lost in to many thoughts
For this pain has controled my soul and I can't find it threw a kiss
So a little closer you come, bringing more to my plate
You keep trying to enter my soul,  as I continue to block
I've builded my wall, now here comes you
I've broken it, for you and rebuilded it , because of you
Yet my love for your soul releases, the passion it's held in stones
As my body swirls in your arms, remembering good times
Times I dropped with a kiss
I drowned with a touch
I vanished when you whisper in my ears
For no pain, tears or hate, can block my love for you
For the beast I saw in you , was forgotten , in the moment of love
The passion and vibe in our sweat, because of your touch, tears and soul
For I felt each one, as I release my love and passion for you
Now, where do I go in life
Do I relax in your arms, or let this thunder take control
Let this romance enter my life, I want to lose control
I want to let you in, I need you in my soul
For my thoughts keep coming back fogging
As, I release in this moment of passion
This moment you have me so confuse
Confuse about the man I knew