violent acts of rage

Written by: Rodney Riggins

"Violent Acts of Rage"

Written by: Rodney Riggins

Power within to demolish what's
in front of you tearing away what's
been inside you for years. The beast is 
alive because your soul has died
and your hatred takes control of you.
Killing is so easy America display
it for action and you wonder why 
there's murder while others do it
for satisfaction.

Some may have been beaten on
molested or bullied some may 
have wanted to be violent but
didn't understand it fully. What's to
understand when your pissed you
want others to feel your pain some
use drugs to go through with it
they use this as the blame.

Me myself have Violent Acts of Rage
I'm no different than real killers
I just sympathize what they go through
to them it's easy to pull the trigger.
I blame no one for my thoughts 
because they are mine I create many
obstacles before me it's just only
a matter of time.

Anger creates chaos murder is 
death we all have thought of 
violence but haven't reached
that step. It's easy to raise hell
and say what your going do action
speaks louder than words when it's 
your turn what will you do?