our flames

Written by: mandy klein

We find ourselves in the fires
That burn away all the lies
We told to one another
Just to feel alive
To claim that we love each other

	Smoke has risen and clouded the air
Which we deeply inhale 
Sucking it into our lungs
As they fill up with ash
Turning black inside us
	An dying flame inside
Both of our souls
Pulled us together close
Enough to see the glow
In each others eyes

	From the depth of our wills 
We couldn't turn away
	Being beside each other
Causes sparks to cut deep inside
And it was only a matter of time
Before all the pain
That was inflicted on each other
Grows to hot,even for our flames

	These days have brought about
A wave of chaotic irrationalizations
And maddness of the mind
	Most of us walk around
With blinders on
Choosing to deny
Our intoxicated downfall

	Our flaws and imperfections
We just blame on someone else
You can almost watch it spread
This sickness infecting our thoughts
	Can't we see we're making no sense
Rhyme, or reason

	Change has come
We are slowly spinning 
Out of control
Losing our morals,values
And dignity of self worth