A Mate

Written by: Fred Hundy

A familiar nod and ‘how yer goin’ mate?”
Enquiry put as a matter of course.
Followed by a firm and strong handshake,
Heart felt silent message to reinforce.

Knowing often the less said the better,
That there’s no need for all the ins and outs.
A mate’s determined interrogation,
His quiet concern will leave him few doubts.

He knew there’d be no lengthy monologue,
Or galling tale told in chapter and verse.
Nor a probing blow by blow description,
With theatric turgid words low and terse.

Relieved, “Yeah I’m not goin’ too bad thanks mate”,
Was all he mustered in thankful reply.
Then laconically turning their heads,
Lest they see a tear in each other’s eye.