Thoughts of a Birthing Star

Written by: salman iqbal

When Shall I Be the World's 
Thousand eyes would behold me, 
I shall shine to lead and guide 
the flowage.........When?....Each 
moment is ages to me......
Is my incandescence not full 
yet? Or I'm so tiny among the 
But where my comrades 
vanished in this dark sea? 
Dreads me this harbinger of 
I may cease to be before my 
luminosity illumine this dark wide 
No, no, no, I'd make heavens 
blaze with radiance like a 
meteor that to give light melts 
Discerning child star thoughts 
deing star bequeathed, "The 
best fire never flares up the 
soonest, It would take you 
aeons to born out of black 
nebula but thou would survive 
till the end of time, thine 
orientation is of mortals who 
are made of haste, behold that 
tiny leaf sized abode there they 
isolate with conquered feelings 
and boast of the potency 
gained through book & pen and 
over things ice like durable huh!" 
Now I've known what for this 
wait to me I'll quench this urge 
to overlap the ray of time to