Luna's Lunatic

Written by: Nick Yuknalis

Holding hands as we walk between headstones
Feeling like a cyclone trapped in a gemstone
Emotions materialize like amber in the concrete
Personified Hellfire and brimstone, turning birthstones to bloodstones

Laughing like a psycho as she leaves me hallow
So I bestow a craked skull to Apollo
I did it just to watch the sun bleed
Luna delivers the deathblow, as I sit on his throne like a pharaoh

Luna's Lunatic, her faithful fanatic
A simple spell, potent potion I become frantic
Kill the light, slay the day, bleed the holy man
A little lunar lust and I become manic

Fighting sanity as the moon begins to rise
A deathly omen of genocidal demise
Howls fill the night, a nocturnal death knell
Last breath, final wish as I gently close your eyes