Saw One Last Remnant There

Written by: Daniel Larson

The leaves had changed to amber
     and the signs were taken down,
The gates were chained together
     by the last to leave this town.
Banker man was buried deep,
     the town's mayor died in jail,
The baker had closed his shop,
     it was no longer for sale.
Schools were shut so long ago
     for not one wanted to learn,
Time was but the ashes left
     in dust that the winds would churn.

Buildings had long fallen down
     along the closed one-way street
That led from the cinema,
     which had become obsolete.
One flag still hung from a pole,
     though so ragged and well worn,
Once held colors of this town
     when it was just being born.
Nothing more had caught the eye
     on this, my last journey through,
I could sense the remnant's heart
     that was once red, white, and blue.