Voodoo Witch


Come to the swamp of the voodoo witch,
Where the waters have eyes black as pitch.
The moon glows an eerie zombie white,
Reflected in the rancid water's at midnight.
The frogs croak a forlorn creak,
Fireflies just add to the haunting mystique.
If you wander to her black magic lair,
A feeling of evil mojo permeates the air.
Even the fearless bats shy away from jaundice eye,
They wouldn't dare fly over her repressive sky.
By night this is her evil domain,
Most folks call her irretrievably insane.
She doesn't seem to mind,
With black magic mojo your soul she’ll bind.
All who cross her feel the wraith,
Though the road to her is a well-worn path.
All use her for their own gain,
While slowly your savings she'll drain.
She the voodoo witch of swamp Ever-sorrow,
One wrong step you'll be gone tomorrow.
The gators, well fed they say,
Her enemies just seem to go away.
Don't tick-off the witch with black magic lore,
You’ll be gator bait, a midnight snack for sure.