Growing up

Written by: Nesma Alnsour

I feel like I'm living in an isolated island with nothing around but fear and mystery
I feel like a child stuck in an adults body
I look around and i see memories that makes me smile
I close my eyes 
And i wonder why should i grow up is it a must
Why cant i live life as it was
Where my only worries was not getting my favorite chocolate ice cream
Where all I wanted was to hang my drawings in the refrigerator and playing restaurant with my imaginary friend
I remember those days
Where pica boo makes me laugh
Climbing mountains of pillows, and making towers of books was the goal of the day
I miss those days
Where I used to fall asleep to my favorite lullaby dream of rainbows  and chasing butterfly
Where I only cry over a lollipop that I cant have
I want to go back to those days
Where I used to think everything was mine, friends forever is true and there’s nothing such as death
Where my toughest times is saying goodbye to my teddy bear
Where being responsible means not drawing at the walls

What happened to the days?
Where tooth fairies and wishing under a shooting star was real
Where a mirror is a portal to another universe

What happened to the years?
Where my words don’t hurt
Where everyone was here to stay
Where love was innocent and true
Where fathers was the only super hero
Where mothers cuddle made all pain disappear

Just yesterday
I was waiting for my fifth birthday
I’m waiting for my 20th birthday