Manipulative Friendship

Written by: Jessica K

You see me, I know
Caked with deepen shade
Everyone teased, but you hurt the worst
When you ignored and walked away

Now limping with a heartache
Disadvantaged with a broken soul
Those physical abuse wasn't their game
Teasing and taunts satisfied their toll

Thought you would stand up
And defend the scars under my skin
But instead joining in on the torment
Egging on bruises within

Trust was belittled
By the one that meant most
Dissolving friendship with a knife in back  
Those things happen I suppose

The crude words spread 
Like a diesese so untrue
But the worst ones that cut me
Were the lies sprawled out by you

I forgive you for punches
You seemed to throw when you spoke
And every kick your heels dug in
Solid as your choice words choke

Still have marks that had tried to heal
But decided to remain as scars
And inside my soul you'll see how
Still floating around are your remarks 

Never crossed my mind
That we'd be like this today
The insults you breath in are dangerous 
Bullying to fit in another day