The Little Things

Written by: Larry Belt

It's not goodbye that breaks my heart
Or watching you walk away
It's not in the reason you say it's over
Or anything else you say

It's knowing you'll never trust me
With the secrets I swore to keep
It's knowing I'll never hold you again
To comfort you when you weep

I'm no longer your prince charming
Another has taken my place
It's never hearing, "I love you"
Or feeling your warm embrace

It's never seeing that sparkle again
That magic in your eyes
Or seeing that little sneaky smile
When stealing one of my fries

It's never calling at midnight
To send a goodnight kiss
It's holding hands like lovers do
Something I'll truly miss

It's never about the way it ends
That makes me want to cry
It's in all the other little things
That hurt to say goodbye