Love is

Written by: diane christian

Love is like  a butterfly
making  you feel  like you are flying  high in the sky
Love is like abreath off resh air
floating acoross the clouds with out a care
Love is doing all the things that
you like to do
Love is Just being with you.

Love is being with God and my family, my friends
and my small group
Love is just talking and siting  with  a certain friend even though they wil never
Love me back the way i feel about  them.

Jesus  said  Love one another as I have Loved you
he loves with an everlasting Love
how lovley it is to love eevry one even the oens who persecute us or the oens that dont like us
Love them anyway
because our Lord loves us just the way we are.  Amen  I love all my friends even the one that makes  me cry.