Just Gets To Be That Way

Written by: Daniel Larson

Like to be free from earthly debt,
Wake to mornings without regret,
No longer hear the babes that fret,
Be satisfied with where I'm set.
     I'm a long ways from that place yet.

Still searching for a warm embrace
And for all that it could replace,
I've seen the cross fall from its base
When passing through another place.
     I've not yet found amazing grace.

Stumble oft' on the gravel road,
Struggling hard with a heavy load.
Somewhere the future will explode,
High above this humble abode.
     And still I'm faced with what is owed.

There are some which hunger for need
And others that plant from the seed.
One will follow and one will lead,
Once in awhile I'll hear them plead
     For all the broken hearts that bleed.

Souls drift over seas of the mind,
Riding the waves once well defined.
Yesterday holds the secrets blind
To the futures not yet outlined.
     Sometimes life is just so unkind.