Beary Friendly

Written by: peggy caulfield

Benaiah and the bear went outdoors to play.
It was a very cold and rainy day.
They jumped in all the puddles;
Till they were soaked up to their middles.
Josiah looked out the window and saw all the fun. 
he came merrily out, and so did the sun.
Together the birds did they torment and tease;
And their friend, the bear had a chase with the bees.
Honey is what the three companions all sought;
For Benaiah and Josiah's favourite big pot.
Many long hours of happy play passed by;
And they became hot, sticky and dry.
Suddenly! the boys heard their parents call;
"Don't eat the honey, for we need it all."
Regretfully, their play came to a sudden end;
As they came skipping around the bend.
Standing there with a loaded gun;
Was a hunter in the hot beaming sun.
His hungry eyes, stared right at the bear.
Benaiah said, "Stop! Don't shoot. That's not fair."
You see, the bear was Benaiah and Josiah's very close friend;
And they didn't want to see their companion's end.
The hunter regretfully lowered his gun;
And they all took off at a very fast run.
They didn't stop running till they got to the house;
And the hunter stayed quiet and still as a mouse.
The boys and the bear knew they were safe and sound;
As they came in the house, and refuge they found.
While dragging his chin on the ground, the hunter went away;
For he no longer had hunger for the bear that day.
The boys looked eagerly for another day in the sun;
When they could get into mischief and have lots of fun.
The whole family enjoyed the pot full of honey;
Especially, the bear who filled his tummy.

This poem is dedicated to Robert Johnson.  It's
a story I wrote for my son when they were little.