A Choice

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

We live in a world of treacherous pathways
We live in a world of doubt, fear and pain
A world of great riches and unspeakable poverty
But life is only one thing it is what we make of it
We can look at all the negatives and existing hell
Or within ourselves we can create our own world
If we choose we can soar to the stars and back
We can believe in ourselves and all we can do
We can if we look, find true friends and understanding
We can reach out and embrace each and every beautiful day
Like a child reborn we can wash away the pain
Get rid of what should have been and all battles lost
There are always obstacles to be fought, let’s stride forward
Stretch out a hand and somewhere find comfort and love
We are not alone in this world we are all together
Today we are ruled by the latest inventions
Thrown into a state of stress if they do not work
And yet simplicity is possibly all we really crave
Simple moments like taking time to appreciate nature
Eating a simple hot dog or listening to incredible music
That lifts the spirit and soars it to another plain
Oh yes we can find negatives in almost anything
But let’s all look for the positive, we live we breath
We love, laugh and cry and somehow we all survive.