Dolphins in the Moonlight

Written by: Constance Gilmore

Mother dolphin and her curious baby
Gazing into the moonlit sky
Smelling the sweet salty air
While feeling gentle waves pass them by.
Imagining the mysteries of the universe
The infinite hope that lies within
Silently teaching her baby
As she holds him underneath her fin.
A pair of dolphins, drifting in the sea
Beautifully graceful, artistically elegant
Two majestic mammals of the marine
Who are deemed the most highly intelligent.
Away they go as they begin swimming freely
Within the ocean’s tranquility
Dazzling creatures frolicking in the peace
Because it's just mommy and her baby.
Sleek bullets darting out of the water
Creating silhouettes against the full moon.
In the shimmering, sparkling bright darkness
Baby listens for mommy’s high-pitched tune.