Written by: Katty Holburn

I spend my nights awake, writing what is true.

I spend my days asleep, wishing to be with you.

Lost in these dreams that lay inside,

When left outside in reality, I hide.

I love you with everything I have

And I’ll give you everything I can

I love you with every part of me,

You have everything I am.

Fallen apart, and left in pieces

locked outside of every haven

dust gathers and drifts warmth away

deceiving, capturing what is fake

Circles, my mind keeps running in circles

Circles, round my thoughts again

Circles round the people in my life

They’ve gone away but back they came

Circles come and go

Roll around and see their way back

Toss around in my mind

Everything I couldn’t hide

All my hopes

All my dreams

Everything I wished could be

Hope for this and Hope for that

Nothing is left when I leave the best

Come home soon

Come home fast

Everything is gone with everything I have

But still, I love you more than I can say.