A Woman Stood On The Rocks part II

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

A woman stood on the rocks, looking out into the sea. A beautiful sight to see. from the top of the rocks, she could see farther into the sea. Ten years had passed, since her love went away. He never came back. She was not too young anymore, but not too old either. She never got married, she had promised herself that she would wait for her man. The day was beautiful, the sky was so blue, in her mind she was thinking, how nice it would be, if I could reunite my darling with you. very far away, she saw a ship coming. She waited until it docked in the port, than she ran as fast as she could. There was a lot of commotion when she got there.They told her that some men had been rescued from an Island. Her heart started to palpitate as she saw them come out. She then saw the man she had loved - was one of them. He did not looked the same anymore, but then neither did she. She looked at him, he looked at her, as they ran towards eachother. The love they felt was seen by everyone. It had not changed. They hugged eachother. He than asked her - I hope you still want to marry me? She said yes. A big wedding followed, with family and friends. It was held by the rocks, close to the sea. Thei story would be told for years to come - how their love survived storms and all...
Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Hope you like this story/poem