All My Firsts With you

Written by: Funom Makama

When I first viewed your pictures in the net I knew I saw an Angel yet to be discovered. When I first sent you a message my hope of having a heavenly experience with you was created. When I first read your response, I felt so fulfilled and accomplished. When I first talked to you through the Phone, you made me so warm, Tender and calm. When I first chat with you, I realized how lucky I am to behold a rare germ and a wonderful companion. When I first saw you laugh, you sounded soft and too feminine to be real. After my first physical acquaintance with you, I was already so scared of missing you. When I first hugged and held you tightly, I prayed you will be mine and mine alone forever. When I first kissed you, I knew I have fallen in Love with you already. When I missed you passionately for the first time, I vowed never to allow you out of my sight again. You are my first lady, the first to mother my Children. The first to make them 3 and the first to watch them grow with me. If there would ever be a second to any or some or all of these experiences, you'd be the first to be second or even third or even the hundredth and all.