On Falling Down a Really Tall Building

Written by: Nikola Žilic

Holy life the depth is deep,
I wept for heat, bored of streets,
I seized some beasts 
Not to fall asleep 
Oh dear god this depth is deep.

Hey there all, I waved goodbye,
I said hello why don’t you smile?
Don’t reply with cries,
Dear god just why? 
The depth is deep the height is vile.

Windows, windows, made of glass
So many windows and people bask,
In sun they joy and riddles ask,
how much burden is a task?

The wind, the wind it cuts like blades,
Who doesn’t hate to get cut by blades?
A bird, hey bird! How was the height?
No birds don’t speak my mind is late.
A clueless day I have to say. 

Fingers, fingers they point at me!
Now they see, bah, NOW they see,
I’ll bite them off as soon as speed,
Throws my body at their feet. 

Gents and ladies that was all,
Yes it’s a fall, from a place real tall,
Why then hide all that makes words whole
Why rape long sounds when meaning’s small?

The depth is deep and so am I,
The fall stops here there is no cry,
My jaw exploded and left a smile,
The depth is deep the height is vile.