Last Night

Written by: Nikola Žilic

And then there is us,
 arms apart, 
Come here let’s start this with a bang
My dear, my heart, my love is hard.
My life so short, soon I will hang.
Men like us, we ride so free
All this beauty has a fee,
Dearest, dearest, can’t you see?
My touch is a hit, passion crawls deep.
Oh dear god this room is red,
And on my bed we play roulette, 
Will kisses do the trick I met,
The time your body was all wet,
The sun sleeps tight, tomorrow’s dead,
And all that’s left is skin with skin,
The room’s so red, the room’s so red,
Sweet warm breath accepting death,
Make this night, I’ll make this night,
And every night you’ll ever scream,
You shut your eyes so blind and tight,
And like this night try make it seem,
Dearest dearest what you felt,
When soul and body with mine had melt. 
Saddens hearts it stays so far
The hottest burns the dying star.