Written by: Moeka Molise

Sometimes I wonder if the pain makes us breathe easy
Because if we're smiling it barely feels like breathing
Guess you can take a lion out the jungle and feed it...
Bt it will always want to go hunting

Bittersweet bitter reality...
I guess I could never sort out the taste of my reality
Taste buds numb I bit too much insanity
Or is it my bite of reality is of poor quality

My closest reflection seems so far from redemption
Like it's part of the scenery..
The picture was put on auction
So I sold my soul to the devil but only just a portion
So my goods and my bads are blown out of proportion

Funny how nothing ever takes the pain away
But still something bad only does it momentarily
In this mentality we are junkies to our poverty
If you cant acknowledge me then I won't let you knowledge me

So go ahead and judge for going back to that alcohol
But nothing seems strong enough so add more ethanol
I'm trying to revive my heart it doesn't beat at all
Because evryone seems to trip but i always take the fall