Written by: Tony Bush

I trod the volcanic soil of past relationships
Down until  the river ran red
And where the cobalt ribbons threaded
Skies with golden studs embedded,
Encrusting precious metals in my centrifugal head.

As they turned and spun the alchemy of ages past
Round until their substance re-combined,
And the chemical reactions
Changed the future days by fractions,
Revisions of the outcomes in my sore eccentric mind.

How I walked the blind-alley warrens of stone
Out onto the cliff-tops by the sea,
Where the gulls were made of wires
And they dripped baptismal fires 
Upon the alternate alternatives of my reality.

I cried and consumed the static of lingerie
Face first into the channel of her breasts,
Whereupon perfumed emissions
In her loin of nuclear fissions, 
I consumed her sex and life and then began on all the rest.