Written by: Jonathan Michael Conlon

  I've been bedridden all day with an expensive migraine;
Drugged breath.Heartbeat strangled. Pulse struggles.
Eyes or holes or puss soaked reminders?
Drugged breath. Heartbeat strangled. Pulse struggles.
Lungs frosted. Nuts up stomach. Lunch stuck, taste forgotten.
 My pen is long gone from being the root of any personal discovery.
Drugged breath. Heartbeat strangled. Pulse struggles.
Facial features melt down mirror; egg yolk slicks out from throat.
Claim from me oceans of oxygen-I glimpse moments lost-replaced
with her image, forgotten.
 Cigerettes aren't suicide. I'll awake with drugged breath, frosted lungs 
coughing up blood colored regrets.
  I've been bed ridden all day with this expensive migraine-awake and praying
to the distance from life my behavior creates....